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Men's Championship Pairs 

This championship commenced when the then North Auckland Bowling Centre introduced their inaugural Champion of Champion Event.

1942  A.L. Lambess, M.F.M. Whitelaw*

1943  J.G. Campbell, M.F.M. Whitelaw

1944  J. Monk, J. Bakalich

1945  L. Morton, E.T. Dennis

1946  E.R. Wooledge, G.W. Wilding

1947  H. Roberts, T. Brewis

1948  J. Johnston (Snr), J. Johnston (Jnr)

1949  E. Macnay, J. Roos*

1950  G.O. Hales, R.S. James

1951  G.O. Hales, R.S. James*

1952  M.F.M. Whitelaw, T. Caldwell

1953  T. Brewis, A.L. Lambess

1954  S.D.F. Budge, J. Frew

1955  G. Hales, A.J. Waterworth

1956  J.A. McKinnon, J. Monk

1957  H.A. Compton, A.L. Foy

1958  F. Breckon, W. Reid

1959  F. Jones, C.B. Hawkins

1960  F. Breckon, B.D.H. Ross

1961  J.B. Wilson, A.J. Waterworth

1962  J.R. Angelo, S.D.F. Budge

1963  M.A. Edge, A.R. Smith

1964  C.A. Clark, H.A. Compton

1965  R.C. Leese, J.R. Leese

1966  H.D. Ashcroft, G. Brandso

1967  J.R. Leese, R.C. Leese

1968  H.A. Compton, R.G. Russell

1969  G. Brandso, R.W. Morris

1970  S.D.F. Budge, J.B. Wilson

1971  M. Kaire, H.B. Cowen

1972  G. Brandso, F.H. Massey

1973  J.B. Wilson, S.D.F. Budge

1974  J.B. Wilson, M. Kaire*

1975  L.C. Dudeck, D.J. Holwell

1976  G.R. Ladbrooke, H.B. Cowen

1977  T.M. Fleming, H.A. Compton

1978  J.B. Wilson, M. Kaire

1979  M. Kaire, J.B. Wilson

1980  L.C. Dudeck, D.J. Holwell

1981  M. Kaire, J.B. Wilson

1982  M. Kaire, J.B. Wilson

1983  R.W. Stewart, C.M. Arneil

1984  G.F. Edgar, W.W. Edgar

1985  M. Kaire, J.B. Wilson

1986  W.R. King, D.J. Holwell

1987  W.B. Gold, H.W. Neal

1988  C.M. Arneil, T.M. Fleming

1989  D.W. Chapman, T.O. Chapman

1990  M.G. Houlahan, D.J. Holwell

1991  J.A. Jamieson, J.B. Wilson

1992  M.G. Houlahan, D.J. Holwell

1993  D.H. White, N.G. Hudson

1994  R.J. Mayall, J.B. Wilson

1995  M.G. Houlahan, D.J. Holwell

1996  S. Nelson, M.T. Howie

1997  D.W. Chapman, T.O. Chapman

1998  S. Prasad, R.A. Edmiston

1999  S. Nelson, W.C. Taylor

2000  J.P. van Haaften, T.O. Chapman

2001  P.D. Mullane, R. Bowmar

2002  F.W. Kirk, T.O. Chapman*

2003  L.S. Reader, T.G. Reader

2004  D.J. Holwell, T.O. Chapman

2005  T.O. Chapman, D.J. Holwell

2006  F.W. Kirk, J.A. Jamieson

2007  F.W. Kirk, J.A. Jamieson

The "Tom Brewis Memorial Cups" for Championship Pairs - Lead and Skip were presented by the family of the late Tom Brewis in 1959, a stalwart member and ex caretaker of the Club.

2008  S. Prasad, M.G. Houlahan

2009  L.S. Reader, T.G. Reader

2010  L.S. Reader, T.G. Reader 

2011  W.D. Wallace, J.A. Jamieson

2012  E.C. Horgan, P. Graham

2013  S. Smith, K.J. Fitness

2014  J.A. Jamieson, D.S. Collett

2015  S. Smith, T.G. Reader

2016  S. Smith, T.G. Reader

2017  S. Smith, T.G. Reader

2018  G. Fraser, S. Nelson

2019  D.A. Hood, D.R. Hood*

2020  D.A. Hood, D.R. Hood

2021  D.A. Hood, D.R. Hood*

2022  D.A. Hood, D.R. Hood

2023  D.A. Hood, D.R. Hood

2024  A.R. Wilson, M.J. Butler

* Champion of Champion

Mixed Championship Pairs

2024  J. Hood, D.A. Hood

Women's Championship Pairs 

1986  H. Dinsdale, M. Berridge

1987  B. Perkinson, E. Whittle

1988  D. Rhodes, V. Chapman

1989  C. Pentecost, E. Edgar*

1990  B. Scott, F. Orr

1991  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

1992  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

1993  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill*

1994  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

1995  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill*

1996  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

1997  N. Smith, H. Dinsdale

1998  D. Edge, B.D. Battensby

1999  J. Cains, N. Bradshaw

2000  J.M. Smallbone, N. Bradshaw

2001  A.M. Church, L.A. Field

2002  V. Palmer, N. Bradshaw

2003  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

2004  P.J. Reader, P. Wardell

2005  P.J. Reader, P. Wardell

2006  P.J. Reader, P. Wardell

2007  L.F. Jamieson, A. Kirk

2008  P.J. Reader, P. Wardell

2009  L.F. Jamieson, L.D. Hill

2010  L.D. Hill, N. Bradshaw

2011  P. Wardell, P.J. Reader 

2012  M. Sands, A.H. Johnston 

2013  P.J. Reader, N. Bradshaw 

2014  P.J. Reader, N. Bradshaw 

2015  B.A. Herbert, R. Timoko

2016  S. Lauder, L.J. Mills

2017  Not Played

2018  Not Played

* Champion of Champion

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