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1940  R.H. Taylor, T. Walder (Ken)

1941  P. Searle, J. Vodanovich (Dar)

1942  R. Smith, G.W. Wilding (Whg)

1943  D. Rumbal, J. Marwick (Whg)

1944  A.L. Lambess, M.F.M. Whitelaw (Whg)

1945  J. Johnston (J), J. Johnston (S) (Whg)

1946  P. Searle, J. Vodanovich (Dar)

1947  E.R. Wooledge, G.W. Wilding (Whg)

1948  E.M. O’Callaghan, J. Scott (Hik)

1949  J. Roos, E. MacNay, (Whg)

1950  T. Brewis, B. Taylor (Whg)

1951  H. Kelly, P. Searle (Dar)

1952  R. Boag, C. Jenkins (Ken)

1953  J. Roos, E. MacNay (Whg)

1954  T. Gillibrand, T. Weir (Whg)

1955  T. Gillibrand, T. Weir (Whg)

1956  C.A. Doel, H.V. Reed (Ken)

1957  K.O. Potter, V.M. Edge (Mpe)

1958  D.F. McLeod, V. Viscoe (Ken)

1959  S. Wilson, H.V. Reed (Ken)

1960  C.J. Hawkins, O. Georgeson (Ken)

1961  F. Croft, A.V. Crump (Hik)

1962  A.J. Waterworth, J. Roos (Whg)

1963  H.D. Ashcroft, B.D.H. Ross (Whg)

1964  F. Jones, P.J. Wilson (Whg)

1965  A.A. Chaston, M.F.M. Whitelaw (Whg)

1966  L.W.D. Munn, R. Maddock (RSA)

1967  R.J. Ace, G.R. Ace (Ken)

1968  J.B. Wilson, S.D.F. Budge (Whg)

1969  F.J. Marinkovich, E.S. Ross (Ken)

1970  V.M. Edge, C. Campi (Ken)

1971  A.V. Crump, S.E. Weston (RSA)

1972  L.W.D. Munn, A.J. Waterworth (RSA)

1973  H.V. Reed, D.J. Ace (Ken)

1974  D.J. Holwell, C.E. Earle (Whg)

1975  G. Brandso, H.J. Murdoch (Whg)

1976  H.D. Ashcroft, L.C. Dudeck (Whg)

1977  T.M. Fleming, H.A. Compton (Whg)

1978  T.G. Bateman, J.R. Calder (Ken)

1979  R.W. Stewart, C.M. Arneil (Whg)

1980  W. Williams, P.T. Moloughney

1981  C.M. Wilson, M.C. Smith (RSA)

1982  J.P. Norman, W.W. Edgar (Whg)

1983  R.W. Stewart, C.M. Arneil (Whg)

1984  K.G. Walker, K.J. Huxtable (Whg)

1985  E.G. Burnard, D.J. Holwell (Whg)

1986  W.B. Gold, H.W. Neal (Whg)

1987  C.R. Collinson, A.L. Fry (One)

1988  D.F. Cains, D.A. Hilliard (Whg)

1989  W.G. Atkins, H.J.S. Cathcart (Ken)

1990  C.F. Spence, R.J. Mayall (One)

1991  G.D. Bond, J.L. Dunn (One)

1992  M.G. Houlahan, D.J. Holwell (Whg)

1993  G.D. Bond, J.L. Dunn (One)

1994  R.J. Mayall, H.P. Fidler (Comp)

1995  H.P. Fidler, R.J. Mayall (One)

1996  J.B. Wilson, T.O. Chapman (Whg)

1997  D.W. Chapman, W.G. Hughes (Whg)

1998  D.H. White, M.G. Houlahan (Whg)

1999  R. Bowmar, J.M. Le Prou (Comp)

2000  S. Prasad, T.G. Reader (Whg)

2001  J.M. Le Prou, R. Bowmar (Whg)

2002  S. Nelson, M.J. Butler (Comp)

2003  R. Whaikawa, G. O'Neill (One)

2004  S. Nelson, M.J. Butler (Kens)

2005  S. Prasad, T.G. Reader (Whg)

2006  S. Mitchell, L.M. Thorburn (Kens)

2007  L.S. Reader, T.O. Chapman (Whg)

2008  L.S. Reader, T.O. Chapman (Whg)

2009  G.R. Whitham, J.A. Jamieson (Whg)

2010  P. Nicholas, S. Nelson (Kens)

2011  P. Nicholas, S. Nelson (Kens)

2012  L.M. Thorburn, R.V. Sowerby (Kens)

2013  E. Pattillo, L.M. Thorburn (Kens)

2014  I. Bowick, T.G. Reader (Composite)

2015  I. Bowick, S. Smith (Composite)

2016  D. McMurchy, G. McDonald (Kens)

2017  G. Lyddiard, B. Tippet (Comp)

2018  G.R. Herbert, G. Bush (Kens)

2019  L.M. Thorburn, G. Gallant (Kens)

2020  L.M. Thorburn, G. Gallant (Kens)

2021  D. Mora, D. Milich (Kens)

2022  D.S. Mitchell, S. Nelson (Composite)

2023  J.P. van Haaften, E. Elgin (Kens)

2024  C.W. Gibbs, S.D. Summers (Waipu)

Dave Holwell Men's Open Pairs

This tournament was originally the Doel Pairs and the trophies were presented by Herbert and Cyril Doel in February 1940 for Open Mens' Pairs Competition. They had a grocers shop on the corner of Bernard Street and Maunu Road at that time. In the 70s and 80s this was the largest tournament in the north attracting in excess of 70 teams played under the traditional three-bowl format. In 2016, the name was changed to the Dave Holwell Memorial Open Pairs in recognition of the late D.J. Holwell's long contribution to the Club as a player and administrator. Today it is one of the Club's major tournaments played under the popular 2x4x2 format.

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