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Bowls Northland

Before the inception of the Centre, Whangarei was affiliated to the Auckland Bowling Association and visits between Auckland clubs and vice versa were enjoyed.

Other early clubs in Northland were Hikurangi, Waipu, Dargaville, Paparoa, Maungaturoto, Kensington, Kawakawa, Portland and Hokianga. These clubs developed regular competition between each other on the basis of challenge and defend.

On 24 June 1926, representatives of eight clubs met in the office of Mr T.H. Steadman in Whangarei and agreed to form the North Auckland Bowling Centre.

The first official meeting of delegates was held on 24 November that year, where the meeting elected Mr D.J. Meikle as its chairman. The formal meeting to elect a President was held on 12 March 1927 where Mr F.J. Dargaville was elected. Ten of the regions 14 clubs attended with the major topics debated being the allocation of tournament dates and club colours - seven clubs requested the use of blue and gold.

The Centre’s first meeting in the Whangarei Bowling Club pavilion was in 1939 but it wasn't used as the official headquarters of the Centre until 1950. In the 1944-45 season the NABC elected WBC member, Mr J.H. Marwick as its first Dominion Councillor. In 1945 the Centre elected to drop the Auckland tag from its name and became the Northland Bowling Centre, perhaps the first sports body in the north to do so. In 1950 the Centre adopted bottle green as its colours with gold and red trim.

Today, the combined Mens' and Womens' Centre, Bowls Northland has its headquarters at the Whangarei Bowling Club.

A few of the Cups played for by the early Clubs, left to right:

Swann Challenge Cup, presented by Mr Edward Swann of Hikurangi in 1916; R.V. Challenge Cup, presented by Alex Harvey and Sons Ltd of Auckland in 1926; White Challenge Cup, donated by F.J. White of Whangarei in 1921; Challenge Cup, presented by G.N. Hayes of Dargaville in 1921.

Men's Centre Honours


1928-29  D.J. Meikle

1929-30  T.H. Wilson

1930-31  W.C. Coote

1931-32  Jas Donaldson

1932-33  T.H. Steadman

1933-37  T.H. Wilson

1938-40  B.R. Miller

1941-42  J.H. Marwick

1946-47  E. Wooledge

1947-48  G.W. Wilding

1949-50  F.R. Webster

1954-55  R.S.F. Williams

1962-63  J.J.G. Ashcroft

1972-73  G.P. Adams

1992-93  N.G. Hudson

1999-00  G.M. Wardell

2016-18  T.G. Reader

Life Members

1960  G.W. Wilding

1988  H.W. Neal

Dominion Councillors

1947-51  J.H. Marwick

1960-66  R.S.F. Williams

Centre Blazers

1993  D.J. Holwell

1996  H.W. Neal

Gold Star Holders

1981  M. Kaire

1982  D.J. Holwell

1983  H.W. Neal

1987  J.B. Wilson

1998  T.O. Chapman

2004  M.G. Houlahan

2008  J.A. Jamieson

2008  S. Prasad

2013  T.G. Reader

2016  S. Smith

Junior Pairs

1988  J.P. Norman, T.O. Chapman

2018  P. Shotter, P.A. Price

2019  P. Shotter, P.A. Price

Open Pairs

1949  E.T. Dennis, L. Morton

1963  A.A. Chaston, J.R. Leese

1976  M. Kaire, J.B. Wilson

1979  M. Kaire, J.B. Wilson

1998  J.A. Jamieson, T.O. Chapman

1999  J.A. Jamieson, T.O. Chapman

2012  J.A. Jamieson, T.G. Reader

2016  S. Smith, T.G. Reader

2018  S. Smith, T.G. Reader

C of C Pairs

1942  A.L. Lambess, M.F.M. Whitelaw

1949  E. Macnay, J. Roos

1951  G.O. Hales, R.S. James

1974  J.B. Wilson, M. Kaire

2002  F.W. Kirk, T.O. Chapman

2019  D.A. Hood, D.R. Hood

2021  D.A. Hood, D.R. Hood

Open Triples

2010  G.M. Wardell, P. Graham, G. Herbert

2016  G. Fraser, S. Smith, T.G. Reader

2020  D.A. Hood, L. Vallance, D. Brewster

C of C Triples

1996  L.S. Reader, J.A. Jamieson, T.O. Chapman

1999  R. Arbon, M.G. Houlahan, T.O. Chapman

2006  P.M.W. Yovich, H.S. Smith, T.O. Chapman

2008  S. Prasad, J.A. Jamieson, T.O. Chapman

2009  S. Prasad, J.A. Jamieson, T.O. Chapman

2018  G. Fraser, S. Smith, T.G. Reader

C of C First Year Singles

1965  E.A. Watt

1970  R.R. Wilson

1972  T.M. Fleming

1973  M. Jellick

1986  F.B. Robinson

1999  C.J. van Haaften

2000  A.J. van Haaften

2004  P.M.W. Yovich

2018  R. Hayman

2019  J.G. Heasley

C of C Singles

1928 R.H. Allan

1936 J.A. Clark

1940 E.R. Wooledge

1953 J. Roos

1959 S.D.F. Budge

1961 S.D.F. Budge

1962 A.A. Chaston

1969 J.R. Leese

1973 D.J. Holwell

1979 J.B. Wilson

Open Singles

1951  A.L. Lambess

1955  H.D. Ashcroft

1962  H.D. Ashcroft

1967  J.R. Leese

1970  H.A. Compton

1973  W. Howie

1978  J.S. Burke

1986  P.C. Huxtable

1987  J.H. Hall

1990  D.J. Holwell

2001  T.G. Reader

2014  T.G. Reader

2018  T.G. Reader

Junior Singles

1990  F.B. Robinson

1997  T.G. Reader

2005  H.S. Smith

2018  P. Shotter

First Year Singles
Cup presented by G.W. Wilding 1959.

Dargaville Cup for Open Singles Competition presented by Percy
Hill in 1951.

Intermediate Fours

1957  M.A. Edge, H. McGregor, C. Benfell, J.R. Angelo

1959  W. Board, R. Pickering, J. O’Keefe, P.J. Wilson

1961  L.W. Slater, H.R. Ovens, W.T. Houghton, M. McMahon

Junior Fours

2004  P.M.W. Yovich, A.J. van Haaften, B. Taylor, C.J. van Haaften

Centre Shield

1958  T.E. Gillibrand, A.L. Lambess, S.D.F. Budge, H.D. Ashcroft

Open Fours

1962  A.A. Chaston, S.D.F. Budge, T.E. Gillibrand, H.V. Reed

1963  R.C. Leese, J. McKinnon, F. Breckon, H.D. Ashcroft

1965  R.C. Leese, F. Breckon, J.R. Leese, H.D. Ashcroft

1970  J. Alison, L.C. Dudeck, R.G. Russell, H.A. Compton

1981  H.W. Neal, L.C. Dudeck, M. Kaire, D.J. Holwell

1982  H.W. Neal, P.C. Huxtable, M. Kaire, D.J. Holwell

1983  H.W. Neal, P.C. Huxtable, M. Kaire, D.J. Holwell

1987  J.P. Norman, M.R. Williams, G.R. Whitham, P.J. Nicholson

1988  L.W. Slater, W.G. Hughes, J.A. Jamieson, J.B. Wilson

2000  D.F. Cains, D.W. Chapman, D.J. Holwell, M.G. Houlahan

2003  W.C. Taylor, T.G. Reader, D.J. Holwell, T.O. Chapman

2004  B. Taylor, E.C. Horgan, J.P. van Haaften, C.J. van Haaften

2012  L.S. Reader, P. Graham, S. Smith, K.J. Fitness

2013  S. Smith, L.S. Reader, K.J. Fitness, T.G. Reader

2018  G. Fraser, C. Claridge, S. Smith, T.G. Reader

2020. D. Young, L. Vallance, D.A. Hood, D. Brewster

C of C Fours

1980  R.W. Stewart, T.M. Fleming, W. Howie, D.J. Holwell

1987  T.O. Chapman, L.C. Dudeck, P.C. Huxtable, W.G. Hughes

1992  F.B. Robinson, L.C. Dudeck, P.R. Edge, W.G. Hughes

1995  H.W. Neal, D.H. White, M.G. Houlahan, T.O. Chapman

2003  C.A. Rawle, J.B. Wilson, M.G. Houlahan, J.P. van Haaften

2004  C.A. Rawle, M.G. Houlahan, J.P. van Haaften, T.O. Chapman

2009  S. Prasad, M.G. Houlahan, J.A. Jamieson, T.O. Chapman

2014  L.S. Reader, S. Smith, L.G. Richmond, T.G. Reader

2019  P. Shotter, S. Smith, P.A. Price, T.G. Reader *

2020  S. Smith, P. Shotter, P.A. Price, T.G. Reader

* New Zealand Champion of Champion

Women's Centre Honours


2000  L.A. Field

First Year Singles

1988  I. Moore

1992  G. Carter

1993  J. Botica

2017  B.K. Roberts

Open Singles

1994  E. Powdrill

Gold Star Holders

1994  E. Powdrill

1997  V. Chapman

Open Pairs

1992  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

1994  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

C of C Pairs

1989  C. Pentecost, E. Edgar

1993  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

1995  V. Chapman, E. Powdrill

Open Triples

1991  S. Langman, B. Scott, F. Moore

1993  D. Edge, M. Berridge, E. Edgar

2003  E. van Haaften, A.M. Church, N. Bradshaw

Open Fours

2019  M.G. Brewster, L.M. Jones, P.J. Reader, A. Bateman

C of C Fours

2016  C. Budge, L.M. Jones, S. Lauder, L.J. Mills

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