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M.D. Robinson Plumbing Open AC 2x4x2 Pairs Tournament Wednesday 3 April

14 teams from Maungakaramea, Onerahi, Kawakawa, One Tree Point, Kensington and Whangarei 

played four games of eight ends, no time limit with one Power Play end per game. (wins-points-ends)

First: Diane Strawbridge and Dawn Owens (Kensington) 4-61-22

Second: Joe Thorburn and Graham Gallant (Kensington) 4-50-23

Third: Garry Whitham and Laurel Jones (Whangarei) 4-31-18

Fourth: Charlie Jellick (Whangarei) and Grant Bush (Kensington) 3-44-22

Fifth: David Hood and Paul Mullane (Whangarei) 3-38-21

Bowls Northland Champion of Champion Singles Sunday 24 March

Congratulations to Mike Butler who made to the last four, beaten by eventual winner Joe Thorburn (Kensington).

Bowls Northland Champion of Champion Pairs Saturday 23 March

Congratulations to Mike Butler and Willow Wilson who were runner-up to Maungaturoto.

Yovich & Co. Twilight Tournament 15 March 2024

The weather was lousy and the entry wasn't much better for this month's tournament with a lot of players going to Opononi for their annual tournament. Nevertheless, six teams played two games in light drizzle which didn't dampen their enjoyment.

The prize winners (wins-points-ends) were:

First: Grant Bush, Laurel Jones, Garry McCarrison (2-29-10)

Second: Leanne Stewart, Daniel Hood, Graeme Lawrence (1.5-17-10)

Chocolate Fish: Quinton Lee, Sheree Goodall, Cametha Boakes

Of interest, sponsor Jarrod Goodall had his siblings Adam, Nick (from Wellington) and sister Sheree playing - first time they had been together for a while.

Yovich & Co. sponsor Jarrod Goodall, Grant Bush, Laurel Jones, Garry McCarrison.

Art in Stone Twilight Triples Tournament 13 March 2024

Entries were drawn into 12 teams of triples (two bowls) to play two games of eight ends no time limit. It was a balmy night and finished before darkness fell. Four lucky players won $50 each for first designated toucher and Mike Williams (non-bowler) won $200 for closest to the kitty in a one-bowl shoot-out. Thanks to the sponsors Art in Stone, everyone was treated to a massive sea food banquet, all of which could not be consumed. There were numerous donated raffles and lots of banter with some winners doing impromptu auctions with their prize. Winners on the night (wins-points-ends) were awarded generous cash prizes:

First: Adele Bishop, Marama Rodgers, Garry Whitham (1.5-20-12)

Second: Eli Hannah, Paul Mullane, George Lyddiard (1.5-17-8)

Third: Paul Bishop, Shane Horan, Grant Bush (1.5-13-9)

Chocolate Fish: Craig Woods, Ben Butler, Renata Jothems (0-5-3)

Winners on the night: Adele Bishop, Garry Whitham, Marama Rodgers.

Club Championship Triples Sunday 10 March 2024

Three games were needed to finalise this year's championship. The weather was fine and the green played superbly. Charlie Jellick, Paul Mullane and Sam Prasad came up against Mike Butler, Garry Whitham and Shaun Neville-White. Butler took Jellick's first life 17-12. In the second game, Jellick changed his team around and took Butler's first life 13-11. In the final, Butler won comfortably 18-10. Mike Butler won all four championships this year, only the second person to do so in the Club's history. Garry Whitham was runner-up in the other three championships, and Shaun Neville-White was runner-up in the Fours.

Pictured opposite: Shaun Neville-White, Mike Butler, Garry Whitham.

Balance Advisors Insurance and This New Zealand
Dave Holwell Memorial Men's 2x4x2 Pairs 10-11 February 2024

14 Teams took to the green for two fine days of lawn bowls. Saturday was qualifying, with the top eight seeded into the Balance Advisors Main Event and the six remaining into the This New Zealand Consolation Event. After three round-robin games on Sunday, Chris Gibbs and Shayne (Fozz) Summers of Waipu played Grant Bush (Kensington) and Garry Whitham (Whangarei) in the Main Event final - Waipu played very well for a 13-4 victory. In the Consolation Event, Kelvin Bint (Hikurangi) and his brother Noel Bint (Ngunguru) beat Steve Smith and Dusty Reader (Kamo) 10-6. Sheryl Monaghan, Dave Holwell's daughter presented the Trophy and the prizes.


Pictured opposite: Chris Gibbs, Shayne (Fozz) Summers and Sheryl Monaghan.

Championship Singles Saturday 3 February 2024

Only six teams entered this year. Players were drawn into two sections and played three round-robin game in very blustery conditions. Section One: Mike Butler beat Peter Bennett 21-6; Peter Bennett beat Clyde Edmiston 21-1; Mike Butler beat Clyde Edmiston 21-4. Section Two: Paul Mullane beat Garry Whitham 20-19; Willow Wilson beat Paul Mullane 21-20; Garry Whitham beat Willow Wilson 21-9. In the final Mike Butler beat Garry Whitham 21-14 - too good.

Championship Pairs and Fours Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 January 2024

Four teams entered the Club Championship Pairs on Saturday with fine and hot weather. First round: Mike Butler and Willow Wilson beat Warwick Mee and Shaun Neville-White; Garry Whitham and Sam Prasad beat Peter Bennett and Mark Bennett. Second round: Butler beat Whitham and Bennett beat Mee. Third round: Butler a bye and Whitham beat Bennett. Fourth round: Whitham beat Butler. Final was played after the Fours on Sunday with Butler and Wilson too good for Whitham and Prasad.

Two teams contested the Championship Fours on Sunday morning, another fine and hot day. Mike Butler, Charlie Jellick, Willow Wilson and Peter Bennett beat Garry Whitham, Clyde Edmiston, Shaun Neville-White and Sam Prasad two games straight.

Championship Four 2024. Back: Willow Wilson, Mike Butler.

Front: Charlie Jellick, Peter Bennett.


Championship Pair 2024. Willow Wilson, Mike Butler.

The Falls Estate Open Any Combination Triples
Wednesday 25 October 2023

14 teams took part in our first tournament this season and it's the first time this tournament has been held in four years, with COVID and two year's of wet weather. Players enjoyed playing on our grass green with four no-time limit games and beautiful weather. There were two four-winners and two three-winners (wins-points-ends).

First: Len Richmond, Dave Milich, Sally Stirling (Kensington) 4-44-16.

Second: Kelvin Bint, Charlie Jellick, Raewin Jellick (Comp) 4-36-19.

Third: Paul Price, Garry Fraser, Roger File (Kamo) 3-40-19.

Fourth: Andrew Hawke, John Kingdom, Ray Bradley (Sponsors) 3-35-16.

Our thanks to the continued support of The Falls Estate.

Pictured opposite: Dave Milich, Sally Stirling and Len Richmond.

Annual General Meeting Sunday 2 July 2023

Fifteen members turned up on a chilly Sunday morning for our AGM, but were quickly warmed up by our new heat pumps. The official part of the meeting was over quickly with little debate. Laurel and Barrie Jones were unanimously elected as our newest Life Members for their past and continuing labours towards the Club. After the meeting Prizegiving was held with the presentation of Certificates.

A full list of elected officials is on the Executive page.

Championship Triples Sunday 16 April 2023

Only two teams entered this year's event and played three games on an unmowed, unrolled green in blustery easterly winds. Garry Whitham, Warwick Mee and Shaun Neville-White managed to beat David Hood, Daniel Hood and Charlie Jellick 15-11 in the first game. After a lovely morning tea and drinks break, result was reversed in the second game 12-9 to David Hood. Final was a one-sided affair with Hood winning 19-7.

Charlie Jellick, David Hood and Daniel Hood.

MD Robinson Plumbing Open Any Combination 2x4x2 Pairs
Wednesday 5 April 2023

A full field of 16 teams took to our green to play four no-time limit games on a beautiful autumn day with little wind. There were two four-winners and three three-winners (wins-points-ends).

First: Keith Marshall and Roger File (Kamo) 4-48-22.

Second: Joe Thorburn and John Hooson (Kensington) 4-45-22.

Third: David Hood and Steve Mitchell (Whangarei/Hikurangi) 3-38-18.

Fourth: Janice Little and Grant Jones (Kensington) 3-37-19.

Fifth: Barbara and Garry Sneddon (Kensington) 3-34-15.

Pictured opposite: Keith Marshall and Roger File.

Championship Pairs Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February 2023

Only four teams entered this year's event. Round One: David Hood and Daniel Hood beat Shaun Neville-White and Warwick Mee; Charlie Jellick and Garry Whitham beat Sam Prasad and Clyde Edmiston.

Round Two: Hood beat Whitham; Edmiston beat Mee. Round Three: Whitham defaulted; Edmiston beat Hood. Final: Hood beat Edmiston 21-6 Sunday morning. This is the fifth year in succession that the father and son combination have won this event.

Daniel and David Hood

Balance Advisors and Build Creative Dave Holwell Memorial Men's 2x4x2 Open Pairs Saturday 11 February 2023

Due to the forecast on rain on Sunday, this tournament was reduced to one-day. It was plagued by late withdrawals in the last few days, leaving 12 teams to take the field. The green was under water when we arrived and had to be pushed off. Hence, the green was quite heavy and together with gusty winds proved tricky all day. Teams played four games of 10 ends no time limit.

Results (wins-points-ends): First: Coe van Haaften and Errol Elgin (Kensington) (4-51-23); Second: Mike Butler and David Hood (Whangarei) (4-45-26); Third: Sam Nelson (Hikurangi) and Darren Mitchell (Kawerau) (3-44-23): Fourth: Sam Prasad and Paul Mullane (Whangarei) (2-44-23); Fifth: Garry Whitham (Whangarei) and Grant Bush (Kensington) (2-44-20). Dave Holwell's daughter, Sheryl Monaghan, represented the family and presented the prizes.

Errol Elgin, Sheryl Monaghan and Coe van Haaften.

Championship Singles Saturday 4 February 2023

Only four players entered: Bill Roberts, Charlie Jellick, Peter Bennett and Warwick Mee. First round: Roberts b. Jellick (21-15); Bennett b. Mee (21-15). Second round: Roberts b. Bennett (21-3); Jellick b. Mee (21-4). Third Round: Roberts a bye; Jellick b. Bennett (21-8); Fourth round: Jellick b. Roberts (21-18). Final: Roberts b. Jellick (21-7).

Men's Championship Fours Saturday 21 January 2023

We finally got a Championship underway for the season with just two teams entered: Shaun Neville-White; Warwick Mee, Paul Mullane and Garry Whitham played Peter Bennett, Sam Prasad, Clyde Edmiston and Charlie Jellick in two no time limit games. The first was won easily by Jellick 17-8 being 11-0 up after 10 ends. The second was a much closer affair with all tied up 12-12 after 14 ends. Jellick secured the win with a shot on the final end.

Pictured opposite (L-R): Clyde Edmiston, Peter Bennett, Sam Prasad and Charlie Jellick.

The Falls Estate Open AC Triples Wednesday 26 October 2022

After a couple of late withdrawals, we had 12 teams for our first open one day tournament for the season. The weather was kind and we played four (8 end) games with no time limit which included a Power Play end. The day was very relaxing and finished at 3.30pm.

First: Gary Herbert, Phil Trigg and Ann Herbert (Kensington) 4 Wins - 40 points - 25 ends.

Second: Geoff Powell, Jimmy Taylor and Bruce Clarkson (Maungatapere) 3 wins - 39 points - 17 ends.

Third: Coe van Haaften, Errol Elgin, Dave Hopper (Kensington) 3 wins - 37 points - 18 ends.

Pictured below: Gary Herbert, Ann Herbert and Phil Trigg

M.D. Robinson Plumbing 2x4x2 AC Open Pairs 6 April 2022

The field was over subscribed for this popular event and barring a shower in the afternoon, a good day was had by all.

First: Laurel Jones and Bill Roberts (Whangarei) 4 wins - 56 points - 24 ends. Second: Joe Thorburn and Graeme Gallant (Kensington) 3.5-50-24.

Third: Alan Westlake and Glenn Baker (Onerahi) 3-50-23.

Pictured opposite: Bill Roberts and Laurel Jones.

Championship Fours Sunday 3 April 2022

Four teams contested this title under the two-life system. At the end of three rounds only two teams remained: Daniel Hood, David Hood, Larry Vallance and Charlie Jellick (two lives played Garry Whitham, Paul Mullane, Warwick Mee and Shaun Neville-White (one life). After 12 ends, scores were tied at 11-11, but Daniel Hood scored the last three ends to win 18-11.

Champion of Champion Pairs and Singles

The Pairs were played at Kensington on Saturday 26 March. Charlie Jellick was substituted into the Pairs with Daniel Hood as David had contracted COVID. They made it through to the semi-finals, beaten 17-10 by Dargaville. One Tree Point beat Dargaville in the final. The Singles were played at Onerahi on Sunday 27 March. In the first round Clive Claridge beat Ngunguru by default, then lost to Waipu 20-17 in a close game.

Yovich & Co. Wealth Managers Len Thomson Memorial Men's Open Triples 19 March 2022

This is normally our major tournament. Two weeks prior we were over subscribed, but then Omicron took our entries down to fourteen. With bad weather forecast for Sunday, it was decided to play it on the Saturday. The day was a cracker with all the players enjoying the highly competitive teams in the field. There were 5 three winners, with Wayne Wrack's team missing out by a point.

First: Dennis Young, Roly Brown and Bruce Tobin (Waipu), 3 wins - 54 points - 29 ends.

Second: Grant Bush, Garry Seddon, Ron Burgin (Kensington), 3-51-28.

Third: Dave Thomas, Peter Nicholson, Ray Magee (Kamo), 3-51-26.

Fourth: David Hood, Mike Butler, Peter Bennett (Whangarei) 3-50-26.

Pictured below: Dennis Young, Roly Brown and Bruce Tobin.

Academy Championship Singles and Pairs

Only four players took part this year - Eva Chrol, Bill Roberts, Peter Bennett and Howie Subritzky. They played a round-robin in the singles – Bill Roberts being successful with three wins over Peter Bennett with two wins + 5. In the pairs Eva and Bill beat Peter and Howie in a very close encounter 23-22.

InterClub Sevens 12-13 February 2022

The team of David Hood (singles), Daniel Hood and Mike Butler (pairs), Garry Whitham, Willow Wilson, Clive Claridge and Larry Vallance (fours) made it through Saturday at Whangarei with just one loss. Sunday at Kamo, the Fours had a bye and the Singles and Pairs both won. Last round of section play was not completed after our Singles won - no one could catch us. On to the finals at Kensington - none of us played particularly well and were beaten in all games by Onerahi. I don't want to sound like a bleating Crusader, but Onerahi had already had two games on that green in the morning which is a tricky surface at the best of times.

Club Championship Singles Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 February 2022

Four players remained after Saturday's play: Trevor Johnston, Larry Vallance, Garry Whitham (all one lifers) and Clive Claridge (two lives). Vallance beat Johnston (who was still half sleep) and Claridge dealt to Whitham. In a possible final Clive Claridge beat Larry Vallance 21-8. Well done Clive!

Bowls Northland Bowls3Five

Surprisingly, due to a clerical error, Bowls Whangarei sneaked into the last four of this National competition. On finals night, Bowls Whangarei beat all comers to win the Northland event. Well done to David Hood, Laurel Jones and Daniel Hood. The team is supposed to go forward to the National finals, but COVID has put doubt into whether this will happen this year.

Balance Advisors Dave Holwell Memorial Men's 2x4x2 Open Pairs
Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 January 2022

A full field of 16 contested this very popular event with teams from Onerahi, Kamo, Kensington, Hikurangi, Kawerau, One Tree Point and Whangarei. The weather was fine and the green ran very well considering it hadn't been mowed due to tropical evening rain. Teams played four games Saturday to qualify in two divisions for Sunday. Both division played three round-robin games on Sunday to find the finalists.

Main Event: Sam Nelson (Hikurangi) and Darren Mitchell (Kawerau) beat Steve Smith and Dusty Reader (Kamo) 12-6.
Consolation Event: Ed O'Donnell and Errol Edlin (Kamo) beat George Lyddiard and Gary Herbert (Kensington) 8-6.

Third Equal: Charlie Jellick (Whangarei) and Kelvin Bint (Hikurangi); Alan Westlake and Glenn Baker (Onerahi); Graham Gallant (Kensington) and Dennis Young (One Tree Point); Richard Naera (Hikurangi) and Bill Roberts (Whangarei).

Pictured below: Sam Nelson and Darren Mitchell, Sheryl Monaghan (Dave Holwell's daughter), Tom Monaghan and Tony Monaghan (Dave Holwell's grandsons).

Club Championship Pairs 18 November 2021

It was all over in a day with Daniel and David Hood (two lives) beating Clive Claridge and Charlie Jellick 17-11. This is the fourth year in a row for Daniel and David.

Yovich & Co. Wealth Managers Women's Three Bowl Triples Wednesday 24 November 2021

A full field of 16 contested this very popular event with teams from Kerikeri, Waitangi, Russell, Mamaranui, Onerahi, Kamo, Kensington and Whangarei. The weather was fine and the green ran very freely - too freely for some. They played four games of eight ends, no time limit, and a power-play end per game (wins-points-ends).

1st: Jill Fraser, Sue Hunt, Tracey Kastelan - Kerikeri (4-55-25). 2nd: Sally Stirling, Dot Haslam, Margaret Gurney - Kensington (3-46-19). 3rd: Claudia Harris, Faye Norman, Sonja Marsh - Waitangi (3-45-18). 4th: Janene Thurgood, Veronica Fleming, Heather Conaghan - Kamo (3-41-17).


Wally Yovich (sponsor), Sue Hunt, Tracey Kastelan and Jill Fraser (Kerikeri).

Champ Triples 2021.jpg
Club Championship Triples
20-21 November 2021

Four teams entered this year's championship, played on two-life system.

Garry Whitham, Bill Roberts and Dave Mora managed to beat Daniel Hood, David Hood and Larry Vallance on Saturday, but then lost the last game on Saturday and the final on Sunday 17-9. Too good!

Larry Vallance, David Hood and Daniel Hood.

The Falls Estate Bowls3Five Triples
Wednesday 27 October 2021

We finally got a tournament underway with full rinks on a mainly fine albeit muggy day. Many of the participants had not played this format before, but reportedly they all enjoyed it. There were three Four Winners (five games) scored on Game Points + Shots.

1st: Charlie Jellick, John Ridling, Garry Fraser (21+68)

2nd: Larry Vallance, Kevin Sidwell, Jacqui Vallance (18.5+65)

3rd: John Carruthers, Trevor Johnston, Wayne Wrack (18.5+53)

4th: Steve Mitchell, Peter Mitchell, Betty Mitchell (15.5+58)

Unlucky was Roly Brown's Waipu Team (15.5+50).

Pictured opposite: John Ridling, Garry Fraser and Charlie Jellick.

Life Member Viv Palmer passes

It is with regret that we record the passing of Vivyenne Palmer on Friday 22 October. Viv was a founding member of the Central Whangarei Women's Bowling Club formed in 1985 and later amalgamated with the Whangarei Bowling Club in 2002. She was President and Treasurer for a number years and after amalgamation was Treasurer of Whangarei Bowling Club for 10 years. Viv was elected Life Member in 2009. Rest in peace.

Annual General Meeting 27 June 2021

A strong turn-out of 32 members attended this year's AGM. There was a controversial motion on the floor for Bowls Whangarei to sell their assets and amalgamate with Kamo Bowling Club as a new entity. After some vigorous debate, the motion was put to a secret ballot, resulting in 9 for and 23 against. The ensuing Election of Officers saw a virtually new Executive. Our thanks go to Laurel Jones for her four years as President, and to Bill Roberts and his wife Bev for their four years as Secretary/Treasurer.

Hikurangi Men's Invitation Fours 15-16 May 2021

16 teams enjoyed two days of great bowls and even better hospitality at the Hikurangi Club's annual major men's tournament. Top and bottom eight qualified on Saturday to play three round-robin games on Sunday to subsequent finals. Dennis Brewster, Garry Whitham, John Jamieson and Graeme Lawrence made it to the final, beating Sam Nelson, Joe Thorburn, Jason Webb and Graham Gallant 12-9. In the playoff for third and fourth another Whangarei team of Larry Vallance, Clyde Edmiston, Charlie Jellick and Paul Price (Paul Shotter played the first day) beat Carl van Haaften, Mike Howie, George Lyddiard and John Hooson 9-2.


Graeme Lawrence, Dennis Brewster, John Jamieson, Garry Whitham and Allan Gray, Wynn Fraser Paints Manager (main sponsor).

Centre Champion of Champion Pairs 9 May 2021

Daniel and David Hood repeated their performance of two years ago with another Championship Pairs title, beating Hikurangi combination of Don Cameron and Richard Naere 17-8. Earlier, they beat Ngunguru 26-6, Onerahi 18-11 and Waipu 21-14. This is Daniel's sixth centre title and David's fourth.

Opposite: Richard Naere, Daniel Hood, David Hood and Don Cameron.


Paul Price, Charlie Jellick, Clyde Edmiston, Larry Vallance and Allan Gray.

CoC Pairs 2021.jpeg
Jane Mander Retirement Village Any Combination Open 2x4x2 Pairs Wednesday 7 April 2021

Full rinks (16 teams) took to the green on a fine day to play four, no time limit games. At the end of the day there was only one four-winner; three three-winners; eight two-winners; three one-winners and one team without a win.

1st: Charlie Jellick and Clyde Edmiston (4 wins, 55 points, 21 ends);  2nd: Len Richmond and Pat Warth (3-58-16); 3rd: Garry Fraser and John Ridling (3-33-21); 4th: Dot and Mike Haslam (3-31-18).

Yovich & Co. Wealth Management and MD Robinson Plumbing, Len Thomson Memorial Men's Two Bowl Triples 20-21 March 2021

14 teams fronted on Saturday for the four qualifying rounds. The top eight qualified in the Main event and the remaining six in the Consolation event. Top qualifier was John Ridling's Kamo team with four wins, followed Garry Whitham's composite side. All teams with two wins or better qualified in the main event.

Sunday's plays consisted of three round-robin games to find the finalist's. One section was straight forward with Joe Thorburn and Garry Whitham (both two wins) playing a knock-out round with Joe Thorburn winning on an extra end. The other section, was down to a count-back between John Ridling, Dennis Brewster and Grant Bush, all with two wins, Grant Bush making the final.


John Hooson (lead), Colin Thomson (Len Thomson's son), Graham Gallant (two), Wally Yovich (sponsor), Laurel Jones (President) and Joe Thorburn (skip) holding the Len Thomson Trophy.

The final was a tight affair, although Joe Thorburn's team was always in front, and they triumphed 9-8.

Main Event: Joe Thorburn, Graham Gallant and John Hooson. Runner-up: Grant Bush, Garry Seddon and Ron Burgin.

Third Equal: Dennis Brewster, Larry Vallance and Mike Butler; Garry Whitham, John Jamieson and Clyde Edmiston,

Consolation Event: Gary Herbert, Dave Milich and Dave Mora. Runner-up: Sam Prasad, Paul Mullane and Robbie Hayman.


Winners and Runners-up: John Hooson, Graham Gallant, Joe Thorburn, Grant Bush, Ron Burgin, Garry Seddon (both from the Kensington Club).

Academy Championship Singles 7 February 2021

Four players played in a round-robin format in this year's event - Peter Bennett, Howie Subritsky, Bill Roberts and Robbie Hayman.

Bill Roberts triumphed after the three rounds (3 wins + 44 points). Runner-up was Peter Bennett (1 win - 9 points) over Robbie Hayman (1 win - 10 points) and Howey Subrisky (1 win - 25 points). A big thanks goes to Mike Butler who gave up his weekend to run the Academy Champs.

Academy Championship Pairs 6 February 2021

Only two teams competed in this year's championship. Paul Shotter and Bill Roberts succeed in beating Peter Bennett and Mark Bennett (25-5) in the first game and (18-16) in the final.

Championship Singles 23-24 January 2021

Ten aspiring members started on Saturday with the weather being fine and the green playing very well. After two rounds, two lifers were: Dusty Reader (bye), Dennis Brewster and Charlie Jellick; one lifers were: Paul Price, Larry Vallance, Steve Smith and Clyde Edmiston. Round Three: Brewster beat Jellick (21-11); Price beat Vallance (21-18); Smith beat Edmiston (21-15). Round Four: Brewster (bye); Price beat Reader (21-15); Jellick beat Smith (21-15). Round Five: Brewster beat Price (21-19); Jellick beat Reader (21-19). Final: Brewster (two lives) beat Jellick (21-16). This was Dennis' third title this season to go with the Triples (Dave and Daniel Hood) and Fours (Larry Vallance, Dave and Daniel Hood). Dave and Daniel Hood (who also won the Pairs) did not contest the Singles as they were playing in the Taranaki Fours.

Balance Advisors (Gareth Wallace) Dave Holwell Memorial Men's Open 2x4x2 Pairs, 9-10 January 2021

16 teams took to the rinks on Saturday morning to qualify for Post Section on Sunday. The green was holding after being under water the day before but played well. The last round was rained off and completed on Sunday morning. There was only one four-winner (Charlie Jellick and Kelvin Bint), four three-winners and nine two-winners, and a couple of others made it to the Main and Consolation events. After three round-robin games, Dave Mora and Dave Milich (Kensington) played Les Scott and Ron Bowmar in the Main Event. The two Dave's prevailed 8-1 in the final with last three ends rained off. In the Consolation Event, John Ridling (Kamo) and Garry Fraser (Whangarei) beat Graham Gallant and Joe Thorburn
(Kensington) 10-3.

Dave Mora and Dave Milich with two of Dave Holwell's daughters, Sheryl and Wendy.
Championship Fours 19-20 December 2020

Five teams started on Saturday with Dennis Brewster drawing the bye first up. Dusty Reader beat Frank Arnerich and Garry Whitham beat Clive Claridge to get the second bye. Brewster beat Reader and Claridge beat Arnerich. Reader beat Claridge and then Brewster soundedly beat Whitham one game after another as Reader had the bye. In the final on Sunday morning, Dennis Brewster, Daniel Hood, Larry Vallance and Dave Hood (two lives) beat Dusty Reader, Paul Price, Paul Shotter and Steve Smith 19-6.

No one was going the beat Brewster's team this weekend as they played superb bowls.

Yovich & Co. Wealth Management Women's Open Triples, 17 December 2020

12 very strong teams competed in our first women's tournament for (I can't remember when). They played four games of eight ends, no time limit, with one power-play end and an extra end if tied. Dawn Owens, Diane Strawbridge and Janice Little triumphed with (4 wins-43 points-ends). Second was Mary Brewster, Linda Spratt and Sue Rokstad (3-64-22), ahead of Adrianne Graham, Karen Solly and Eileen Wyatt (3-51-20) and Jill Stewart, Judy McKenzie and Barbara Hopper (3-37-16).

Championship Pairs 10-11 October 2020

Nine teams entered this championship with Paul Price drawing the bye first up. After Saturday's play, three teams remained. Charlie Jellick and Clive Claridge, David and Daniel Hood (both with two lives) and Dusty Reader and Steve Smith (one life and the bye). Hood beat Jellick to earn a bye. Jellick then beat Reader to make a possible final. Jellick beat Hood to make them both one lifers. Jellick dropped an unmentionable number on the last end for David and Daniel Hood to take out the championship.

Morris & Morris Funerals AC Life Members Triples 18 November 2019

Full rinks on a fine, but cold and blustery day playing Bowls3Five format.

1st: Anne Bateman, Larry Vallance, Dennis Young (22.5 points). 2nd: Graham Gallant, Joe Thorburn, Clyde Edmiston (20 points). 3rd: Trevor Johnston, Garry Whitham, John Jamieson (19 points). 4th: John Ridling, Graeme Lawrence, Frank Arnerich.

Bowls Northland Men's Open Triples 2-3 November 2019

Only six teams qualified for post section at Onerahi, two from Whangarei. Unluckily, Dusty Reader and Dennis Brewsters drew byes in the first round, meaning one would depart in round two. Round 1: John Dunn (Onerahi) beat Les Scott (Onerahi) 19-4; Gordon Bond (Kensington) beat Paul Wightman (Mangawhai) 15-2. Round 2: Brewster beat Reader 16-13; Dunn beat Bond 10-9.

Final: Dennis Brewster, Larry Vallance, David Hood (Whangarei) beat John Dunn, Ron Bowmar, Roger Kerr-Davis (Onerahi) 22-19. This was a fourth Centre title for Dennis, and second for Larry and David. At this rate, there will be a whole lot of Gold Stars coming Whangarei's way this season.

Falls Estate Open AC Triples 30 October 2019

A full green of 17 teams had overcast and blustery winds to deal with, but luckily no rain. Local teams drew the bye in each round and after the four games there were no four winners.

(Wins-Points-Ends) 1st: Dave Smith, John Anderson (Onerahi), Bill Roberts (Whangarei) 3-64-19; 2nd: Anne Bateman, Larry Vallance, Dennis Young (Whangarei) 3-55-18; 3rd: Trevor Moyle, Judi Moyle, Scott Morrison (One Tree Point) 52-3-20; 4th: Mike Butler, Garry Whitham (Whangarei), John Jamieson (Kensington) 3-45-17; 5th: Pat Reader, Laurie Reader, Keith McFarlane (Whangarei) 39-3-17; 6th: Gary Herbert, Ann Herbert, Another (Kensington) 3-23-12.

Bowls Northland Men's Open Fours 19-20 October 2019

Section play was played at the Leigh green which reportedly played very well. Six teams qualified for post section play at Mangawhai, including the two Whangarei Teams skipped by Dusty Reader and Dennis Brewster. Dennis and Carlson Barnett (Arapohue) drew byes in the first round, while Dusty was beaten 16-4 by David Frame (Mangawhai), and Don Cameron (Hikurangi) beat Alistair Trimmer (Kamo) 16-8. In round two, Dennis beat Carlson Barnett 17-6 and Don Cameron beat David Frame 17-13. 
In the final, Dennis Brewster, Larry Vallance, David Hood and Dennis Young beat Don Cameron, Kelvin Bint, Peter Mitchell, Willie Wyatt 14-11. This was a third title for Dennis Brewster, second for David Hood and first for Larry Vallance and Dennis Young.

New Zealand Champion of Champion Fours Hastings 28 July 2019

Bowls Whangarei's and Bowls Northland's Champion of Champion Fours team of Dusty Reader, Paul Price, Steve Smith and Paul Shotter travelled to Hastings for this inaugural New Zealand event. After struggling through section play with a win, a draw, and a bye, they managed to qualify in eighth place for post section play. They then preceded to beat top qualifier Paraparaumu Beach, Kapiti Coast 10-8; then Te Rangi, Southland 15-8; and in the final Wanganui, Wanganui 16-12. Well done boys!


L to R: Paul Shotter, Steve Smith, Paul Price, Dusty Reader.

Bowls Northland Champion of Champion Pairs 27 April 2019

Bowls Whangarei Championship Pairs team of David and Daniel Hood swept to field to win our second Champ of Champ title this season, played at Onerahi. Drawing a bye in the first round, they then proceeded to beat Mangawhai 20-17; Maungaturoto 23-11; Hikurangi 17-5 in the final. This was Daniel's fifth centre title and a Gold Star, and David's first Northland Centre title (he has a truck load of Far North Centre titles). Daniel and David subsequently went on to represent Northland in the New Zealand Champion of Champion event, making it to the last four - congratulations.

David and Daniel Hood.
Paul Mullane Builder Academy Championship Singles 14 April 2019

Nine players contested this already postponed Championship on Saturday 30 March. They were drawn into sections of three, to play two games, with section winners being Bill Roberts, Paul Shotter and Paul Price. A subsequent sudden death round, saw Paul Shotter eliminate Bill Roberts to reach the final. Paul Price beat Paul Shotter in the final 21-16.

Bowls Northland Champion of Champion Fours 13 April 2019

Dusty Reader's skipped team of Paul Price, Steve Smith and Paul Shotter beat a Kensington team of Joe Thorburn, Graham Gallant, Ian McMurchy and Clyde Edmiston 16-9 in the final played at Whangarei's green. After seven ends the match was tied at seven-all, however, six shots scored in the next three ends saw the Kensington combination concede the match on the 13th of 15 ends. Steve Smith replaced Laurie Reader unable to play due to a back problem. This win gave Dusty Reader his 15th Centre title and Smith his 10th title and so both won a further Bar to their Gold Stars.

Arapohue Bowling Club's Ken Bradley Men's Triples 6-7 April 2019

A composite team of Mike Butler, Sam Nelson and Ian Bowick played superb bowls to beat another composite team of Kerry Chapman, Sandy Foy and Kevin Gainford in the final. Ian Bowick also bought their team in the calcutta to nett himself a tidy purse for the weekend. The once three-day tournament was played over two days and was a very successful format. Other Club Members who got in the money were: Dusty Reader, Steve Smith and Garry Fraser; Dennis Brewster; Daniel Hood and Ken Fitness; Charlie Jellick. Also rans were: Larry Vallance, Trevor Johnston and Dave Mora; and Garry Whitham. Great Tournament!

Yovich & Co. Open Twilight Triples Friday 22 March 2019

Postponed from 8 March, a reduced but enthusiastic field played in the final event of the series.

1st: Malcolm Wyatt, Charlie Jellick, Lydia Wyatt; 2nd: Skye Renes, Errol Edlin, Glenys Sandilands; 3rd: Paul Mullane, Dave Mora, Jeff Heasley; 4th: Roy Taylor, John Hooson; Deb Hooson. Overall winners for the series were: Roy Taylor, John Hooson; Deb Hooson.

Wally Neal Family Bowls3Five Triples 20 March 2019

An almost flawless performance by Onerahi team of Graham Mackinnon, Bill Starkie and Arthur Te Whata, dropping one set and drawing another to rack up five wins and 23.5 points. Second was Hikurangi team of Frank Arnerich, Peter Mitchell and Willy Wyatt with five wins and 22 points. Third was another Onerahi team of Les Scott, Betty Scott and Dave Williams with 3 wins and 15.5 points. Fourth was Maungatapere combination of Murray Dalbeth, Shirley Henderson and Kerry Rintoul with 3 wins and 15 points. The field included three teams from Mangawhai containing Wally Neal's son John and many of his relations. A great day was had by all.


Congratulations to Jutta and Merv Williams on their recent wedding held at their home witnessed by a large group of family and friends on a beautifully fine summer's day.

Bowls Northland Men's First Year Singles 24 February 2019

10 players contested this competition on the Whangarei Green, playing four games with results determined by aggregate. Whangarei's Jeff Heasley went through the day unbeaten to take out the title (4 wins, 72 points for, 44 points against).

Sutherland Security Men's Championship Pairs 9-10 February 2019

Seven teams started this year's championship. At the end of Saturday, three teams remained, David and Daniel Hood (two lives),

Ken Fitness and Dennis Brewster; Steve Smith and Dusty Reader (one life each). Fitness/Brewster drew the bye, Hood/Hood beat Smith/Reader 21-10. In the final Hood/Hood beat Fitness/Brewster 13-12 with two lives.

Yovich & Co. Open Twilight Triples Friday 8 February 2019

(Wins-Ends-Points) 1st: Roy Taylor, John Hooson; Deb Hooson (2-9-22); 2nd: Frank Arnerich, Wally Yovich, Eva Chloe (2-8-12);
3rd: Ken Walker, Thomas Brown, Keith Robinson (1-10-15).

Sutherland Security Academy Championship Pairs 2 February 2019

Just two teams contested this season's championship - Garry Fraser and Bill Roberts; Laurel Jones and Eva Chloe. It took three games to find a winner -  Garry and Bill prevailing in the final 17-8.

Chilltech Men's Championship Singles 26-27 January 2018

A good field endured very high temperatures on Saturday to leave just two left for Sunday. Charlie Jellick remained undefeated, beating Clive Claridge 21-16 in a closely fought final.

Yovich & Co. Open Twilight Triples Friday 18 January 2019

(Wins-Ends-Points) 1st: Mike Butler, Royce Berryman, Sam Nelson (2-13-30); 2nd: Dave Mora, Paul Mullane, Jeff Heasley (2-13-30);
3rd: Roy Taylor, John Hooson; Deb Hooson (2-10-29).

Eves Real Estate Dave Holwell Memorial Men's 2x4x2 Open Pairs 12-13 January 2019

16 high quality teams contested qualifying on Saturday with the top eight making the Main Event and the second eight making the Consolation Event for Sunday play. Teams were seeded into sections of four and played three  round-robin games to reach the finals in both Events. The tournament featured a much debated Power-Play end (double points if you win the end), and Thorburn picked up a four on the last end of section play to nett eight points and a win a place in the final. Two of Dave Holwell's daughters Sheryl and Wendy with grandson Tom Monaghan presented the prizes for the Consolation, and Paul Beazley (Eves) the Main Event.

Main Event: Joe Thorburn & Graham Gallant beat Sam Nelson & Frank Arnerich 9-8.

Consolation Event: George Lyddiard & Coe van Haaften beat Larry Vallance & Bill Roberts 16-15.


Joe Thorburn, Graham Gallant, Paul Beazley (Eves Real Estate), Sam Nelson, Frank Arnerich.


Bill Roberts, Larry Vallance, Paul Beazley (Eves Real Estate), George Lyddiard, Coe van Haaften.

Morris & Morris Funerals Life Members Open Triples 19 December 2018

For the first time in three years we welcomed 16 teams for this Bowls3Five tournament. Five very competitive games played in hot balmy weather were enjoyed by all those who took part, including two teams from Russell. 

1. Dusty Reader, Garry Whitham, John Jamieson: Five wins - 7.5 sets - 22.5 points  (55 shots).

2. Joe Thorburn, Graham Gallant, Clyde Edmiston: Four wins - 7.5 sets - 19.5 points (65 shots).

3. Frank Arnerich, Steve Mitchell, Graham Lawrence: Four wins - 7.5 sets - 19.5 points (56 shots).

4. Larry Vallance, Rex Hamlin, Steve Hay: Four wins - 5.5 sets - 17.5 points (56 shots).

Kevin Gray Panelbeaters Men's Championship Triples 15-16 December 2018

Only four teams contested this championship. Whitham went bang-bang, Claridge lasted one more round leaving Vallance-Fitness-Brewster with one-life and Reader-Smith-Fraser with two-lives. Vallance took Reader's first life convincingly 18-9, but Reader came back in the final to win 15-13.

Yovich & Co. Open Twilight Triples Friday 7 December 2018

(Wins-Ends-Points) 1st: John Jamieson, Wally Yovich, Eva Chloe (2-11-18) 2nd: Errol Edlin; Skye Renes, Caitlin Reidstra {2-10-20) 3rd: Rex Hamlin, Barrie Jones, Ken Proctor (2-9-20) 4th: Sam Nelson, Mike Butler, Sonja Marsh (2-9-14). 

IMG_9597_Jnr Pairs_18 Nov 2018.jpg
Centre Junior Mens Open Pairs
Saturday and Sunday 17-18 November 2018

A depleted field of 10 teams played the four qualifying rounds on the Waipu greens Saturday. Three teams qualified: Glen Wintle and Keith Stewart (Mangawhai); Richard Naere and Ed O'Donnell (Kamo); Paul Price and Paul Shotter (Whangarei). Whangarei drew the bye, Mangawhai and Kamo had a ding-dong game which went to three extra ends, Mangawhai triumphing. The final was between the same two teams that played last year's title. After trading shots to 4-4, Whangarei steadily pulled away to a comfortable 17-6 win.

Well done boys!

Photo: Paul Shotter and Paul Price.

Yovich Haywood Pevats Johnston Open Bowls3Five Triples Wednesday 14 November 2018

A small field of 12 teams fronted for our first Bowls3Five Open Triples. There has been some apprehension to this new format, but at the end of the day it was widely applauded as an exciting and successful event.

1. Joe Thorburn, Graham Gallant, Clyde Edmiston (5 wins 23 points)

2. Garry Whitham, John Jamieson, Sam Prasad (5 wins 22 points)

3. Sharon Rudman, Jill Stewart, Dawn Owens (4 wins 20.5 points)

Photo: Graham Gallant, Joe Thorburn and Clyde Edmiston.

Club Representative teams selected

Inter-Club Sevens 24-25 November

Mens Sevens: Dennis Brewster (singles); Daniel and David Hood (pairs); Ken Fitness, Clive Claridge, Laurie Reader and Garry Fraser (fours); Reserves: Larry Vallance and Sam Prasad.

Mixed Sevens: Anne Bateman (singles); Dusty Reader, Steve Smith (pairs); Garry Whitham, Charlie Jellick, Laurel Jones and Mary Brewster (fours).

Bowls Northland Bowls3Five Twilight Tournament - starts 28 November

Team One: Anne Bateman, Larry Vallance, Paul Shotter.

Team Two: Dennis Brewster, Laurel Jones, Daniel Hood.

Team Three: Ken Fitness, Paul Price, Mary Brewster.

Subs: Eva Chrol, Mike Butler, Charlie Jellick, Brooke Tippet.

Congratulations and every success to all the above.

Yovich & Co. Wealth Managers Open Triples Wednesday 31 October 2018

16 teams enjoyed a fine albeit blustery day of our first Three Bowl Triples Tournaments. There were two Four Winners and three Three winners with Murray Dalbeth's Maungatapere team missing out on the prizes. Results (wins-points-ends):

1. Joe Thorburn, Clyde Edmiston, Bill Harris (4-64-24)

2. Dennis Brewster, Mike Butler, Rex Hamlin (4-60-26)

3. Diane Strawbridge, Ann Muir, Gwenda Smith (3-58-19)

4. Peter Mitchell, Betty Mitchell, Graeme Lawrence (3-49-19)

Photo: Sponsor Wally Yovich with Bill Harris, Joe Thorburn and Clyde Edmiston.

Centre Womens Open Fours Saturday 27 - Sunday 28 October 2018

Success at last for a Bowls Whangarei Women's team in the Centre Open Fours. Anne Bateman, Pat Reader, Laurel Jones, and Mary Brewster triumphed over a Kensington combination of Pam Brewster, Diane Strawbridge, Amy Little and Sheryl Johnston 17-15 in the final. Well done ladies!

Photo L-R: Pam Brewster, Amy Little, Sheryl Johnston and Diane Strawbridge (Kensington); Anne Bateman, Laurel Jones, Mary Brewster and Pat Reader (Whangarei).

Yovich & Co. Open Twilight Triples Friday 19 October 2018

16 teams enjoyed a fine evening of bowls for the first of six tournaments in this series. 1st: Diane Catton (team not recorded) 2 wins, 23 points, 10 ends. 2nd: Ken Walker, Thomas Brown, Keith Robinson, 2 wins, 20 points, 10 ends. 3rd: Wally Yovich, Frank Arnerich, Eva Chloe, 2 wins, 15 points, 9 ends. 4th: Roy Taylor (team not recorded) 1 win, 17 points, 10 ends.

Mens Championship Fours Saturday 13 - Sunday 14 October 2018

Four teams fronted for our first championship of the season. At the end of Saturday, there were two teams left - Whitham with two lives and Reader with one. On Sunday Reader's team was far too steady taking both Whitham's lives. Winners were Paul Shotter, Laurie Reader, Paul Price and Dusty Reader, beating Barrie Jones, Clive Claridge, Merv Williams, Garry Whitham 17-13.

Centre Pennants Saturday 15 - Sunday 16 September 2018

Congratulations to Whangarei's Les Slater Stars (Whangarei 2) who won the Club a Pennant with an unblemished record over the two days. Dennis Brewster, Ken Fitness, Clive Claridge and Robbie Hayman won all their nine games to top the chart with 27 points. The Club fielded four teams with Dave Holwell Heros (Whangarei 1) 8 points; Len Thomson Toilers (Whangarei 3) 12 points; and our Women's Team 10 points.

Opening Day 2018

On Sunday 2 September Bowls Northland and Bowls Whangarei combined their Opening Days at Whangarei.

Our President, Laurel Jones, delivered the first jack and Life Member, Wally Yovich, the first bowl, after which Centre President, Dusty Reader, declared the season open.

A good muster of Club representatives and Bowls Whangarei members attended and enjoyed a delicious spread for afternoon tea.

First Bowl 2018.jpg
Annual General Meeting Sunday 17 June 2018

An enthusiastic band of members attended the Annual General Meeting. Laurel Jones was re-elected President and long-time member and philanthropist, Wally Yovich, was elected Life Membership. Subscriptions for Full Playing rose to $110.00; First Year and Associate to $60.00; and Social to $10.00. Full Executive…

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